Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh walNuts!

We have a walnut tree in the yard, and though I'd much rather have a pecan tree (not liking walnuts very much myself), one can't complain. So it's walnut harvest time and I've spent several hours the last 2 days creeping around my side yard with a bucket hauling walnuts. There must be 2,000 walnuts that have fallen our of the tree. A couple weeks ago my Mom mentioned that I should give her some of the hulls so she could make some natural brown dye to dye wool/yarn with. Last night on twitter another lady asked the same thing, so today I've been wandering around with 2 buckets--one for nuts and one for hauls.

The nuts I'm tossing up on the roof of our little metal shed to start drying until I can make some sort of screen drying rack thing. The hauls I'm laying on our driveway to dry. It may not look like much in the picture but the hulls take up about a 4'x3' area right now, the nuts cover about 1/4th-1/3rd of the total shed roof. I think I've "harvested" about 1/4 of what has fallen. And the universe has been mocking me today; more nuts have fallen around me, narrowly missing my head.
I have no idea what I'm going to do with all these nuts. I just hate to see them all go to waste. This is being a big task but I am dreading the bigger task of shelling all these things after they've dried! LoL! I am wondering if I can sell gallon-sized bags of the hulls (after they've dried of course) on etsy for fibery people to use for dye? I dunnp, we'll see how much Mom wants. : )

I am too OCD for this though, I work at it for a couple hours and decide it's time to go wash up and can't because on my way to the house I see MORE WALNUTS! It's driving me nuts. I feel almost panic that there are still walnuts on the ground, even though I am leaving some on purpose for the squirrels. Isn't that odd? LOL!! And I have a feeling the squirrels are going to help themselves to the nuts drying on the roof too. I found one this morning that had been bitten into even though I am making sure not to keep any like that for us. Maybe I'm making it a little easier on the little furry critters. The Bowmans will have fat squirrels to match our fat fish!

Meanwhile, Artemas has been helping by occupying the kids:

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  1. I have a few walnuts drying on my porch, and the squirrels have been a great help! They don't eat the hulls, so they're just pulling those off to get to the nuts. Means I don't have to do anything but pick up hull pieces! Wish I could help you with your harvest!