Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Princess Cottage

Rome may not have been built in a day but this adorable little princess cottage was, sans interior decorating but we didn't have paint for that.

The church we attend, Faith Promise in Knoxville TN, is having a Princess and Pirates play for the kids on Halloween weekend. Wednesday night they, being some other people, built a pirate ship. Saturday we, being Mom, Diantha and I met and spent 4 hours building a stone cottage out of 2" industrial foam.

We mixed some gray and painted the whole thing, then went around with a lighter color painting "mortor" between the "stones". Mom and Diantha painted a flower vines while I used brown paper sandwhich bags to make a "cedar-shake roof".

It has a "wooden" door that sets in the life-sized (at least height wise) doorway and a window box in the window. The person playing the princess is a grown up woman so the doorwa is actually about 5'8. We figured if I could walk through it, chances are she will be able too.

The roof also just sets on top of the two-sided cottage, otherwise they wouldn't be able to fit it through the doorway to take it to the stage.

Mom did the majority of the cutting, all I did was the measly crooked window box, LoL! It seems she is better with a razor blade than the rest of us! : ) We used hot glue and wooden dowls to put the walls together.

Mom also did these super cute little "stones" and the fake "window" on the one wall.


  1. and I did the poor excuse for pink flowers. Lol! but it was kinda fun, and it turned out Really Cute!! I think they will live it.
    I saw the "Princess" tonight, and she'll fit in. (even with her gown) which, by the way. is Beautiful!!!!

    Diantha :)

  2. Totally cute guys!! I am so impressed. Now you just need to come make one for my 3 girls. 