Friday, October 16, 2009

An Etsy Day

Today was one of those days where it would have been better to just stay in bed. Everything I've done has gone wrong today, right from the minute we woke up and I started to dress Jeremiah to leave and realized his sneakers had gotten soaked in the rain yesterday and had soured overnight. It's a good thing he had some nice new knit slippers to wear over his socks in the car and at Nana's!!

Then on the way to Mom's I discovered Hannah riding in her car seat with 6 cents in her mouth. 6 cents she must have put in there about 20 minutes before I discovered it. At least, I hope it was just 6 cents. Sigh.

We went to Mom's bright and early because the local large newspaper, the Knoxville Newsentinal, was sending a photographer to take pictures of our family doing our respective crafty things for our shops. I made a bad, Diantha carded some fiber, Veronica spun some yarn on a drop spindle, my Mom and Dad made some soap, Mom dyed some recycled yarns and Artemas worked on a walking stick from pearwood. Whew!

All my mayhem, mishaps and annoyances from things not going correctly aside, today was a productive day. I made this "Think Solar" bag and listed it in my etsy shop. I really got in touch with my quilting roots making this one, actually making a wonky star quilt block instead of just scrap piecing the front.

I helped Mom sort, photograph and list these little pet yarns-- small mini skeins of handspun yarn we spin from each batt Diantha makes to sell in her shop, so people can see how the fiber will spin up. They are gorgeous, wonderful skeins of yarn, they are just little. We separated them into "Manly" colors and "Fun and Bright" colors and they're available in Diantha's Fluff4Ewe shop.

I unwound a sweater for Mom and dyed some skeins of yarn for her shop. Like this one, Florin Channel, which is one of the latest recycled yarns in her The Princess Bride series! If you're into high-end fibers at reasonable prices, pop into her My7kids shop from time to time, as she listed a couple new yarns today and has 2 or 3 to list over the rest of the weekend! One is a gorgeous blue and black self-striping sock yarn, that if it doesn't sell, I will be keeping and knitting myself some luscious socks!...after Christmas.

I made the CUTEST little spindle for my brother Artemas to list in his GotWood4You shop. My parents has a couple storms knock down 2 HUGE bradford pear trees in their yarn and instead of just throwing out the wood he is recycling it into all kinds of things, spindles, buttons, walking sticks, votive holders--anything he can think of. It's a lot of fun to play with power tools! The little spindle I made isn't listed yet, but there are a few others to look at.

Then the kids and I went to walmart to get Jeremiah some sneakers and me a pair of jeans--gasp! I actually found one that FIT! And to get my niece a birthday present. Now we're finally home and I would love, love, love to spin a little. My overwhelmed and overwrought mind is craving the relaxation of using my drop spindle but my body might just be too tired. Might just have to sit here and veg and watch The Proposal.


  1. Wow What a day for YOU and YOUR family.
    I am looking forward to see the article in the paper. Very interesting.

  2. I am very very excited for you all!!! I love the bag! but then I love everything your family makes. Huggs Marion