Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Celebrating Squishies!

Only to a quilter or knitter would a "squishy" be a good thing, LoL! This week has been a week for squishies so far, and I am lovin' it!!!

Sunday, while the shower fiasco was going on in the bathroom, I sat upon the couch in the living room and finished not only Jeremiah's "deadfish" hat (badly) but I also then added eyes to the hat I made niece Maisie last year for Christmas because she loved the eyes on Jeremiah's so much. I tried to do girly eyes but I had limited supplies and I'm not sure they turned out like they were in my head but she was happy with them nonetheless.

I also finished that "Finger Friendly" hat I was working on for my friend's Mom, Nancy. I hope it fits her! As soon as I got it done I thought, oh no! It's too small!! Of course I have a big head where my friend and her Mom have realitively small heads so I hope it will fit her.

Monday's mail was AWESOME! Diantha sold some yarn I'd made and instead of giving me the moola they went on etsy and picked me out something fun! This cool iron on patch that says "Knitting Ninja - Armed with Pointy Objects"-- I can't wait to put this one something. I'm thinking my jacket. Right on the arm, like a tattoo.

Then a BEAUTIFUL merino, bamboo and nylon batt called "Grape Godess" from Spincerely on etsy. I can't wait to start spinning this one however....

The rosey pink jump rings Mom had ordered for me to spin into Diantha's Rosalie batt came in the mail from Unkamen Supplies!! I have to start on that today, LoL! I LOVE using their jump rings, they are so wonderful to work with, and spinning them into yarn adds such a bright, unique touch!

Also in the mail were the peacock blue jump rings I ordered from them! Squee! These are going in some kind of yarn for ME. Wonder if peacock blue would would in the grape goddess batt? haha Maybe not but I will stash them and get another batt to go with them. Hmm, might have to buy some more fiber.

Which brings me to the yarn I finished last night! The white is pure, undyed merino and the brown is a mystery wool that Marion sent me. I thought the brown by itself might be a little scratchy for me but now that it is plied with the merino the resulting bulky yarn is sooooooo soft! Like a cloud! I love it. I thought it looked like an Oreo or something but Tony says it reminds him of an owl. : ) I am wondering if I should knit him a hat out of it. It's only 88 yards but since it's bulky that's plenty to knit him a hat or me some fingerless gloves, LoL!

Also on Monday morning I got a new tattoo! I drew a rough drawing and took it to Alter Ego Tattoo and Piercing on Kingston Pike in Knoxville. Jon there did my and Tony's last tats and we were really happy with our experience there. Jon was busy so Josh did this one for me, he cleaned up my drawing, fixed the leaf to look like a cherry blossom leaf instead of just a plain leaf and drew the cherry blossoms for me. He did a beautiful job on the tattoo. I Love it!! This picture isn't very good, I couldn't get it sharp enough. It's hard taking a pic of the outside of your ankle. Also, it will look better in about a week when it's healed more!


  1. Absolutely love the Tat!! I love how the cherries look like hearts.

  2. Ilove it all!!! The hats the yarn the pressies in the mail, and the tat!!! Wow busy so far this wk!! Huggs Marion