Sunday, October 11, 2009

My "Decode" Hat is Done!

Finished tonight, finally, and no where near what the hat that gave me this idea looks like.
As you remember my fiasco with beginning of the hat chronicled here NOT Haley's Decode Hat, I'm sure you're just as thrilled as I am with its completion.

What I am not happy with is that my camera will not pick up the incredible, too cool, diamond pattern in the knit pattern no matter how many pictures I take or how much I try to foctor them. Also there is the enigma of the fact that the hat is a different color every time I take a picture. This picture here on the left is the truest color I have, and it's pretty right on.

So what do you think? Even tho the original hat from the Decode video by Paramore had cables and bobbles, I am entirely happy with mine and I think I like it better because I went my own unique way. The diamond pattern that you can't see is beautiful and I love it and cannot wait to use it in the top of the foot of a pair of socks!

And, btw, yes...that is my real haircolor. LOL

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