Monday, October 5, 2009

Crown molding and knitting for the blind

Last night we officially finished the put-up-crown-molding adventure!! I am thrilled! We had to buy 6 more feet of it yesterday and while I worked at church last night Tony and Jeremiah did manly things like put it up and change out the downstairs toilet seat. When I got home I caulked around it, then painted the corner pieces and touched up the ceiling paint along that wall so now it's totally done!!! It looks awesome! This was the wall that didn't actually go all the way to the ceiling. Tony had to patch it, both sides around the corner, with a 1"x3" board. Luckily our molding is 3.25" so it covers completely. I love it.

Now Tony's talking about putting a texture on the ceiling to hide the spots that had to be patched. We'll see. If we do, we'll probably do it the weekend we resurface the floors--which will be soon!

We've also been making progress on the bedroom upstairs. We still have a wall/doorframe to build and one to tear out but we've gotten the far wall (the one that had the built-in) almost ready to paint with primer. I am going to try to tinker with it this afternoon if I can sneak away from the kids. : )

For Christmas last year I knit my friend Bethany a soft, brightly colored hat with a huge puffy ball on top. Her mother Nancy is blind and says she loves it and could I make one for her in gray and red. Her coat is gray and red is her favorite color. I got a lovely dark red/cranberry color yarn and some gray fun-fur. I am knitting the ribbing for the cuff of the hat with both yarns, then I will discontinue the fun-fur and just use the red for the body. I am planning cables and other patterns so it has a lot of texture and is "finger friendly." This way Nancy can "see" it easily by feeling it.

I am starting on the 2nd sock of the 2nd pair of socks for Dad for Christmas. I haven't finished the first yet, but have knit it from toe to heel. I am going to run out of the orange varigated yarn so I put it on different needles to hold and I'm beginning the second sock so that at least they will look the same, haha.

I have so many projects that need doing before Christmas, I'm starting to get a little overwhelmed! Need to knit:
Nancy's hat
Nancy a matching scarf
Summer a hat
Rush a hat
Lily a hat
Jeremiah a fish hat
Jeremiah slippers
Finish these socks for Dad

Need to make:
3 more large, pleated fabric purses
22 more flannel/batting "sandwich" squares to add to our queen sized flannel shaggy, making it king sized.
A couple more regular and funky purses like I put in my shop, by the 1st week of November, so I can take them to craft shows.

I think I need to make a pot of coffee.


  1. Love, love, love your plans for the hat for Nancy's mom! All that texture and soft, fluffy yarn will be perfect!

  2. Wow, lots done, that is neat. Good luck on all your projects I know all about the "LIST"
    I have one of my own.

  3. Wow put on 2 pots one for me!! Huggs and love the sock so far!!! your doing great!

  4. What a great idea for the hat for Nancy's Mum, you are awesome.

    I know you are happy to have the crown molding done, been there, done that, will hired someone the next time...