Monday, October 19, 2009

The Shower Fiasco

Saturday we drove 2.5hrs over to Greeneville for our niece's 8th birthday party. The kids had a blast, we ate pizza, socialized with family. It was a nice time. During the party my brother-in-law Jordy mentioned to Tony that he and Keely (his wife) were worrying they were going to have to get a new shower soon. Apparently theirs was poring down in the wall and flooding the floor whenever they used it. He was worried I guess because he doesn't really know how to do home improvement-y type things.

Tony and I talked about it privately and decided to help them out by buying their new shower and starting to help put it in. We thought it would be a few hour ordeal. It ended up being a 27 hour fiasco.
We hadn't intended to spend the night in Greeneville but we got back from Lowe's with the shower about 9:30pm, the guys turned the water off to take the old shower out. Got it out (and laid in the yard, true redneck style) and discovered the leak had molded the wall. Ooops, too late to buy drywall! Crap!

The water-proof-treated boards under the tub were saturated and we thought they might have to be replaced too but after having the window open and a fan turned on them 9 hours later when they were mostly dried out the guys were thrilled to discover they were just wet, not molded!

They recruited help from brother-in-law number 2 and together they biult 2 new sub walls to set the new shower to, ran new pipes (which was a fiasco in itself) and set the walls of the shower in. But then the old pipe to run up to the shower didn't fit. So off they went to walmart for some felxhose and some fitting glue. 2 hrs later they hooked the shower head up, turned the water back on and the fitting on the backside of the shower sprayed water all over the wall. Sigh. This happened 3 times.
Finally it was 1:30am Mon morning and Tony had to admit defeat and we packed up and left. Keith (bro-inlaw #2) said he was off today and would fix it.

So we tried to do a nice thing and really ended up tearing up their house and making them go without running water (flushing toilets) for 22 hours. But! When they get it done they'll have a really nice, beautiful, white, sparkling shower!!

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