Thursday, October 1, 2009

A GREAT trade!

Somehow my Mom "met" this woman named Marion through the internet and I've started talking to her/getting to know her by osmosis I guess, LoL! Marion loves all things fibery and knits, spins, sews, and makes and sells spindles just to name a few things.

A while back she asked if I'd like to trade; if I would make her a knitting bag in exchange for a spindle. I was definitely up for it! The trade got put off a couple months while she worked at the pool during the summer and I moved (I wonder who had a better time??) but finally in the last couple weeks we've gotten our act together.

I wanted to make her a special bag that would be very easy for her to tote her knitting or crochetting in, or even a small spinning project. I chose an all-over print because she likes bright colors, with a blue lining because she said she liked any shade of blue. I chose to make it messenger style so the flat over the top would keep things from falling out, but I cut special notches on each side so that if she wanted to walk around and knit her yarn could thread up through and have a place to come out easily!!

She told me she mailed me a box and when it arrived, stamped Priority Mail 8 days later (thanks for reliability USPS) I was floored when I opened it!!

She MORE than held up her end of the bargain!!!
Oh my goodness, she sent me a couple ounces (I'm not good at measuring so I'm gonna guess 2-3 and she can correct me) of really fluffy some kind of naturally brown fiber. It is slightly....something, sticky is the wrong word. I think it may either be superwash or it may have some of the lanolin in it though it is not sticky like other wools with lanolin I have felt, so it remains a mystery. It is spinning wonderfully about sock weight, and I think I might ply it with some natural white merino I have and have a wonderful natural brown and white 2ply.

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SPINDLE EVER! OMG! She knows I like bottom whorl best and I love red so she painted the flower on this wooden spindle red before she clear coated it. It is wonderful. It spins like you wouldn't believe and has a great weight, it is heavy enough to keep spinning (longer than my arms are, LOL!) but isn't breaking the yarn! Like I said, I'm spinning sock weight and it's working beautifully!!! I love, love, love, love, love it! (Please ignore my nasty living room floor, we're refinishing it in about a month).

3 balls of almost white sock yarn, one of which is being dyed a lovely shade of pink while I type! A gorgeous pair of knitted socks for Hannah. Hannah was so thrilled with them she had m e put them on her immediately, wore them the rest of the night and fell asleep in them. She even took 2 pictures of her feet; sorry they aren't totally clear and I hope you can see the lace pattern.

Hannah even took a picture of Mama being very happy about the goodies in the box!

And last but certainly not least for Jeremiah she sent a fishy toy, which he LOVES. It has a little pull string and then the fins flap so it can swim in the bathtub? We haven't tried it out yet because after a stressful day I threw the kids in the shower instead of a bath but we will! He spent a lot of time today amusing himself and his baby sister with it, and making up a story about how the pull tab is acutally a baby fishy but it's so small because it was just born, LoL!

Thank you, thank you Marion!!! I love everything.
Did I mention I love the spindle??


  1. Wow to see all them smiling faces it was well worth sending that box. Even without (no I will not give up my beautiful knitting bag!) getting the bag it was well worth all the happiness!!! I am so so pleased you all loved your trade and your little gifts! God Bless you all Marion

  2. I have to reply again to this post! The knitting bag or spinning bag Is more than awsome, it has extra pockets for knitting needles, pattern, stich markers, and an extra pocket on the outside too. I have already used it and it makes a perfect bag for the hats I have been doing and carrying around. You do AWSOME Work! Thanks for the grand trade!!!
    this woman named Marion