Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Holy 2x4s Batman!

It's a wall! I had to work Sunday night at our church from about 6-9 and when I got home, I was very surprised and extremely please to discover that in my absence my dear hubby and my brother had built the doorframe, wall frame and hung the door to our bedroom upstairs! Squee!!

You can see in this picture that we're basically just moving the wall and doorframe forward about 3 feet, even with the existing wall on the right (you can see a sliver of green). Then all the existing walls on the inside of the doorway are going to get torn down. We're still needing to put up one piece of drywall on the outside, and drywall the inside, but alas... we ran out and here in East TN "winter" means "rain". Today was sunny but instead of going to buy drywall Tony ran out and had my oil changed, bought me new windshield wipers, put gas in my car, etc so I'm not complaining! I'm so excited that progress is really being made upstairs and the end is in sight--soon we will actually have our OWN bedroom! Nuts, I know!
Sunday we went to Mom's where Tony and Dad put in their new dishwasher. While I was sitting around helping yell at children I got the rest of 1 slipper sock and an entire 2nd sock knitted for Jeremiah! He LOVES them. He picked out the yarn saying he needed new slippers and a deadfish hat. I am working on the hat now and it is never ending. I'm starting to get very burned out on it but it really is not too far from completion and is already so cute.

Saturday night Tony was off and Mom and all the kids came over so we could hit the annual Antiques festival that they have here in downtown Clinton. We left Tony off to begin working on the doorway upstairs and we wandered around downtown in the cold, with the children's noses all running. It was great fun and I bought Mom a screen door LOL! On our way home Mom got a call that her very dear friend Tina was passing thru town on her way back home to FL and wanted a visit. I live closer to the interstate than Mom so we gave her directions to my house and we all had a very fun, noisy visit! I finished my purple Decode hat while they were here.

After Tina left, Mom snapped a picture of me being very worn out and having a very bad headache. I was lying on the floor and Hannah put a Bumblebee transformers mask on my face. Sometimes people take your picture when you don't particularly care for them to. The scissors are not really sticking out of my head but were in fact just lying on the floor where I left them when I finished using them to snip the yarn on my purple hat. I did pick them up when I got up.

As some of you may know, and the rest of you will know now, my parents are expecting their 8th child in May!! Mom had her first prenatal appointment with Dr Roberts yesterday which also happened to be my Dad's 67th birthday.
My Dad LOVES flannel and thinks everything should be flannel and so as a birthday gift/joke/sort of I took the Baby Bjourne carrier I had for Hannah which was still in new condition, washed it and made a flannel cover for it! The cover has a zipper on one side for easy on/off to make it machine washable and is oooh soo fluffy and comfy. I wish I had thought of this when I was using it for Hannah because it would have been SO much softer against her skin than the material the carrier is made out of, which is slightly rough. Though I swear the cover looks like a flannel uterus to me.

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