Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bacon loving Pumpkins, Pirates and Princesses

Wednesday Veronica spent the night and we picked up some pumpkins to carve. I let the kids draw of them with a sharpie while Tony gutted them (he's a good pumpkin gutter). Jeremiah drew a cat and Veronica drew a smiley face holding a piece of bacon. I know. Weird, but super cute. I drew a simple smiley with heart-shaped eyes for Hannah's, she was asleep.

Our church did a Pirates and Princesses puppet show/drama/play for the 2 yr olds-6th grade kids and they said if possible, for all the kids to come dressed as either a pirate or a princess. Jeremiah has a "Jack Sparrow" costume that he wears regularly, so that was no problem and Hannah actually already had a shirt that made her look as if she were wearing a pirate costume. I asked her if she wanted to be a princess though and she said, "AAARRGGH!!" Alrighty, pirate it was. I picked up some material at JoAnn's and made her and me each a simply, flowy, ragged edge elastic waist skirt. I love mine and plan on wearing it for everyday where too, not just costume opportunities. Jeremiah asked to wear black eyeliner and eyeshadow like I usually do so that he could really look like Jack Sparrow.

Thursday I cast on and began to knit MYSELF a pair of socks from some sock yarn I had bought and dyed. Yesterday I finished the first sock (had to rip out the heel, add 4 more rows and re-do the heel, that was the hold up. Honest.) and tried it on. It itches me. Sigh! So I handed it to Mom and asked her if it itched her; it doesn't. I told her I guess I'd just give them to her then, since I'd hate for them to go to waste. She sat around for about 5 minutes wearing sock #1 and when her left, unsocked foot began to feel cooler than her right, socked foot she began to look for the 2nd sock. Then realized that it hasn't been knit yet and told me, "No pressure but my other foot is cold."

So last night I cast on the 2nd sock and I'm just about to turn the heel. The first sock ended up with this strange little spot of very light colored yarn right at the top of the foot. So I'm calling them Piebald. And when I'm done with this second on, Mom can have it. I'll just have to try again with some superwash merino instead of just superwash "wool."

One last pic; I made another pleated fabric purse for Lucia and somehow only managed to get one lousy pic of it before I mailed it.


  1. I adore the pumpkings!!! The pirate outfits are wonderful!! The skirts turned out great!!!and the socks are devine! Lucky Mom! I think I may just have to knit her another pair of purple socks:) The purse is perfect! I love it.

  2. You are the coolest Mom ever, Des!

  3. Just so you know, what happened to your sock is called pooling. Some people actually try to get yarn to do that on purpose, so that your story and you're sticking to it.