Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Little Ponderosa Zoo

I am actually 2 weeks behind in posting this, as we went to the zoo 2 weeks ago! It seems like everytime I sit down to try to blog lately something else comes up either on the computer or here at home and I don't get to.

There's a little zoo in Clinton TN where I live called "Little Ponderosa" and they advertize a petting zoo and admission for only $8. Not bad considering admission to the larger Knoxville zoo is upwards of $16 each. A friend of mine and I had been meaning to take our kids for a couple months to try it out, but scheduling issues had kept us from going. Finally, 2 weeks ago I called Mom and said why don't we take our kids and see what's up?

It is a cute little zoo! They had the petting zoo part, which appears to just be goats LoL!, closed for the day since by the time we got over there it was about an hour til they closed. They had lots of little goats though and the kids enjoyed looking at them. They had one that looked pregnant with twins! She was HUGE for no taller than she was!!
For a little zoo they had lots of different and exotic animals. They had huge hairy yaks, sheep, goats, a pony, porcupine, tigers, "zonkies" which apparently is a crossbreed between a zebra and a donky, regular zebras and donkies, llamas, alpacas, deer, some sort of antelope, emus, ostriches, camels and dromedaries, kangaroos, and this little fellow that Mom mistakenly called a "Chupacabra" which we all know is that alien thing plaguing South America. ;-)

They also had some cages of birds which includes white pigeons (doves?) and a couple different kinds of pheasants. The spinner in me thinks I should definitely re-create the colors of these gorgeous birds in fiber!

I got some cute pictures of the kids on a porch swing overlooking a small pond, Betsy talking to a duck, Hannah enjoying the deer, Jeremiah enjoying the penny-toss fountain, Artemas being a man who stares at goats (yes we DID go out in public with him dressed like that!!) and Josiah who was dressed to match the zonky!

Mom wandered around collecting small down feathers that had fallen on the walk path to wash and spin into an art yarn, LoL! While Dad randomly exposed the corn in their fall decorations for the local wild birds to eat. I'm sure they appreciated that.

This sheep got out and followed us around until Hannah chased it yelling "Kitty!!"

Don't Diantha and Hannah both look happy about it?

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  1. Aww so cute! We have yet to visit the zoo with Emma. Great photos - thanks for sharing!