Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hey there, it's been a while

Hello again! It's been a while since I blogged, again....
I blame my camera. Or rather, blame could maybe be placed on my precious little Hannah who attacked my camera while it was plugged into the computer and damaged the receptor for the USB cable inside the camera. Then it wouldn't connect to the computer and I had no way to put pictures in the computer. And who can blog without pictures? BoRiNg!

And then Betsy dropped my camera on the floor and busted the battery door, which in in all class I packing taped shut.

And then my wonderful mother bought me a new camera. A better camera. A RED camera.

So now I can share pictures.

We traditionally ignore the Black Friday shopping bananza, having all worked in retail and hating the general public we try not to add to the madness. However Mom and I do have one little tiny ritual of going to JoAnn's for fabric, etc, so we ventured out there this morning. I picked up some yarn for a project I have in mind (none to stash! Aren't you proud of me?), some batting and some fabrics for a wall quilt for my living room above my fireplace.

Came back and went to the local chinese buffet for lunch, then Tony, the kids and I decided to wander around Big Lots. They had little 4' colored trees on sale for $12. They had a purple one. Hannah's favorite colors is purple, and her big brother loves her so much. He talked us into buying one. Only they didn't have a purple one except for the display (which they wouldn't sell) so he settled on getting the pink one and helping Tony find purple and silver decorations for it. Isn't he a good big brother?! When we got home she fell asleep and he helped me set it up. He decorated it (except for the ribbon/garland which I did first) while I tied ribbons in the shatter-proof balls and handed them to him. When she woke up she smiled ear to ear and said "Berry preddy!!!" over and over.

I had been tinkering with knitting a pair of fingerless gloves out of some of the leftover yarn from my Piebald socks. Mom actually dyed those socks blue which made them incredible! I planned on over dying these fingerless gloves too when I finished them. I got the 2nd one done this evening, except for weaving in the tails which I will do when they've dried. I knit them size ladies small, with a ruffle around the cuff and a simple lace pattern just like the piebald socks. When they were done I over dyed them purple which made them Gorgeous! I named them "Tanya" after the Denali Vampire because I love Twilight. Go ahead and make fun. ;-p BTW they look a LOT better on Diantha's size small hands then they do on my size large or extra-large hands. Will have to take pics of them on smaller hands later.

Hopefully I can get back into the swing of blogging, I really missed sharing all my crafty pictures. In a couple days I'll have some fake "cake" pictures to share!


  1. Oh I love the tree and the smileing little faces that go with that. Jeremiah has a fish hat on :) he is so darn cute. and I love the gloves you made!!! Thanks for shareing I missed ya!

  2. I Love Hannah's tree! the gloves turned out Great!