Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Him vs Me

Not that productivity is a competition at all! In fact, we've been working together upstairs in that he tore everything up and last Sunday I cleaned it, LOL!! But since then, this is what we've been up to:

Upstairs, before you get to our coming-along bedroom, there is a nice little bookshelve/reading area. I have books and decorations up there and everything had gotten mighty dirty when we put up the outside wall of the bedroom so Sunday night I cleaned it. This is before, and then after. I'm pretty happy with after though the chair isn't staying (I have a nice arm chair awaiting reapholstering at Mom's) and it's being covered with destruction/construction dust again as I type this.

The next day, he laid pavers and count them--26--bags of white rock in front of his shed building. The shed honest to God had a 4 feet by 10 feet section of mud in front of it, every time it rained even the tiniest bit. He couldn't even get into it because the mud was so bad. We found these pavers at Knox Rail Salvage and laid them out (with me very neurotically overseeing the layout process) and then he and Artemas filled the inner area with rock, creating not only curb appeal but making the building functional once more no matter what the weather.

Then to one-up me just a little, he put in the new kitchen sink faucet we'd bought on Sunday. It's nothing really fancy, just a bigger arch and an "uber-sprayer" LoL! But I am so thrilled with it!

Monday we also purchased windows for the bedroom at the Rail Salvage place and ordered the rest of the supplies (sans drywall, next week!) for the new addition. Yesterday we got a call at quarter to 8 that the supplies were being delivered, which was a Godsend because they had told us they weren't sure they could make it by Wed (today) and we needed them ASAP but that also put us 3 hours late leaving the house for Dalton Georgia where we were going to purchase carpet. We ended up getting a nice berber carpet for the stairway for $5/yd and a nice regular carpet for our room (about 40 linear yards!) for $8/yd, plus the padding at half what it costs here in Knoxville so a long day but in no way a wasted trip! We'd left the kids at Mom's house and took Tony's truck with a borroned 14" trailer attached at the back.

This morning he begin cutting the hole in the roof, for the section we thought was coming out, that the new dormer-roof would attach on to. I took some before and then right after pics, of Tony cutting nice little neat holes in the roof. He said when our friend/contractor George came over, they began just bashing the roof out and it came down in a matter of minutes compaired to what he'd gotten done all day! I told him George is sort of goal driven and gets things done with the quickness, LOL! A male/contractor version of me that I can truly appreciate! ;-)

Today, I made Hannah another dress. Oh, I know. I said I was done, that she had enough dresses to get her through a week for this summer. But then I saw this so totally adorable mushroom fabric by Alexander Henry. I bought a 1/2yd of the mushroom fabric and a FQ of the gold fabric. I actually cut the mushroom to 14.5" by the width of the fabric (roughly 44") so this dress would be a little shorter than the others. I belive it falls to about her knees. I made it while she was napping and when she woke she carried it all over the house telling us about her "pretty dress!" I love the buttons, though the dress is crooked as everything in this pic.

I had to work in childcare at church tonight and when I left there was a nice little hold developing on the roof. In fact I took a pic from the yard of Tony sticking out of the roof, and then some pictures from the roof of the view standing up through the hole. See the pretty view?

This is what I came home to. Once George got here, apparently the "plan" changed to take-out-the-low-ceiling-and-"just"-do-vaulted-ceilings. Ei, plan 6.5. This is like the ever evolving remodling job. It started with simply moving the doorway back 3 feet and taking out the existing and un-needed 2nd closet. Then it morphed into take out the side wall and build a dormer roof over the eaves to make the room 8 feet wider. Now it's tear out the ceiling too. I am having a hard time staying off a panic attack. In fact, I had a small one complete with crying, at church in front of 5 strange children but it's okay, it only lasted about 2 minutes. I just needed some time to adjust. Honest. I'm good. It's gonna be great. In 2 weeks...


  1. Oh wow...I can't even imagine. I so wish I could make dresses for Mekenzei. I did take material today and cut it into strips and make these cute flip flops for her today. She loved them. All her dresses are so tiny! Maybe one day I will figure that part of sewing out.

  2. 1st rule of the universe: Don't Panic.

    It'll be great. In 2 weeks! :D


  3. Des I was there sitting in the back yard watching people are always amazed at the way George works. I remember a time my sister was doing a remodel taking our windows and putting french doors in well we we all discussing it George got out the saw saw went zip zip zip zip and the window was out! It will be great after the 2 weeks and the wall go in and the windows and wall paint then your bed it is aprocess Like child birth the rewards out weigh the pain!
    Katie George's wife

  4. Oh No there's a hole in the roof of your house and junk!


  5. I love that mushroom fabric! Very retro.

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