Thursday, April 1, 2010

Demolition is finished!

My Mother in Law was off work today and picked up the kids for a day of who-knows-what kind of fun, leaving Tony, Artemas and I to finish the demo which involved tearing down the rest of the ceiling (top and left side), taking down the old ceiling fan, bagging all the old insulation, remove the rest of the roof, the rafters and the frame for the side wall. A big task!

We got it ALL done!! This morning Tony and Artemas took a load of debris to the dump that involved 12 bags of insulation. This is a picture of my front walk right now--all these bags are full of insulation too. We're not sure the dump is open tomorrow with it being Good Friday and this being the Bible Belt. Anyone local know if the one on Racoon Valley is open? LOL!

The windows in our "bedroom" seem quite superflous right now, so we left them open for the night. Tomorrow the goal is to lay the subflooring, build the "knee wall" and begin putting in new support beams for the roof. The actual secondary goal is to be able to at least put the roofing felt on, so when the expected (and therefor definite) thunderstorms hit Saturday night we don't have to worry about our house getting wet inside!

We'll see though since the kids will be with us tomorrow. We are really missing them with the time we've had to be gone away from them already this week, and know they miss us. I am going to try to spend my time with them tomorrow reading books or rocking while watching TV. The house needs housework stuff done again by now but I am really missing some time with my babies.


  1. Wow. I'm sick to my stomach at the thought of roofing that.


  2. This is fantastic! I'm totally awed by all you did in one day!

    We once sent the kids to my parents while we painted the house...they took them a hotel!