Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bouncy House USA

This post is basically for anyone in the Knoxville, Tennessee area. Hidden away in the gently rolling hills off Clinton Highway in the Shaad Rd. area of Knoxville is the most wonderful creation ever: The Bouncy House.

An indoor, heated and air conditioned, fairly clean, inflated playground wonderland awaits all children for open play between 10am and 2pm on weekdays! Have a roudy kid? Boucy House! Raining, don't know what to do? Bouncy House! Can't take anymore sun exposure? Bouncy House!

This place is awesome. My friend Tara has 3 small children roughly the same age as my own and we hit this place several times over the winter because there isn't a whole lot to do indoors for pre-k kids around here (though the Children's Museum in Oak Ridge is terrific too!) We love this place and go as a treat every few months.
They have one moonwalk type thing specifically for children 2 and under, complete with a mini slide & ball pit; another one that's a mini obstacle coure just for 7 and under and then all the others are any age!

We took Tony and Artemas while Tony was on vacationed the day it rained because the kids had been wanting to show him how much fun it is. For the 3 of us adults to take the 2 kids to bounce for the 2hrs we stayed cost me $14.60. Where else can you entertain the whole family for that??

The larger obstacle course one is quiet a workout for grownips and the giant slide is a BLAST! They have (slightly overpriced but still fairly reasonable) drinks/snacks you can purchase and they also do birthdays, but for us just going during open play works well.

If you go, make sure you bring socks as the bouncing area is strictly no-shoes but don't worry, if you forget they have socks for sale for about $.75 LOL!

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