Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another one bites the dust

And I do mean dust. LOTS and LOTS of dust!

While Tony was off day we (and I mean "he") pressed on with our demolition of the master bedroom upstairs. The weather is getting more pleasant (sort of), we have the money for the re-construction sitting in the bank, and he had time off so... another wall came down.

With the help of a sledge hammer, lots of muscle, Diantha, Dad, a shovel, and an old trashcan one long wall and part of the ceiling was torn out and toted outside to the back of Tony's truck where it will be hauled away to the dump!!

There is dust and dirt everywhere but we are one step closer to completion! You can see in the last pick the area behind where the wall was that will soon become just another area of the bedroom. The roof will come off and be moved up to a less sharp angle by way of a dormer, as well as some windows being added into the new wall that will go on the back of the house.

We're all tired now, Tony from banging on a concrete wall and me from cooking all day and keeping kids from going upstairs. Now we will shower and watch reruns of That 70s Show and all will be as it should. Life is good.

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