Monday, March 15, 2010

Soooo crafty

I got 2 more dresses for Hannah made this morning and this evening. The last dress made was actually the first fabric I bought, LoL! The 2nd dress she liked so well she wore today to run errands. It was of course miserably cold outside today so she wore a white turtle neck and white leggings underneath and was very stylish.

Her favorite color is purple (I've probably mentioned that before though) so the final dress is a pretty little purple and blue floral pattern with metalic gold edges. I am in LOVE with the buttons!!! They are some of those 1860s repros buttons JoAnn's carries now and I originally bought them to use on a bag for my shop but I just had to put these special buttons on my special girl's pretty dress.

I also finished squaring pieces for my Weird & Ugly Fabric challenge quilt and sewed the first 3 rows together! Kickin' butt and takin' names today, I tell ya!

See yesterday's cheery dress here.


  1. Wow busy day and amazing dresses! She will be set for summer!

  2. Finally figured out how to sign in! LOL. The dresses are so cute, makes me want to make some for my granddaughter~