Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Date with Jeremiah

Monday it was gorgeous here! Sunny and almost 70 degrees, a very welcome change from the cold and the rain we've been having. My Mother-in-Law called and said she wanted to take Hannah shopping, so Jeremiah and I got dressed up and went out to have us a "date."

First we drove over to the little park behind our house (in fact, in the picture he took of me swinging you can see the brick of our house behind me!). I took lots of pictures of my cheery little boy, who was SO thrilled to be out with me on a "date" he kept telling everyone he saw. I of course took some knitting with me (and a book, just in case) but spent my time following him around with the camera, take pictures and pushing swings. A much better use of my time for the moment!

We had an itinerary of park, ice cream, then Books a Million because they have an *awesome* Thomas the Tank Engine table covered with wooden train pieces and a nice little chair and footstool nearby for Mama to sit on while little boys play.

We always just get a Frosty from Wendy's or a "sundae" from McDonald's if we go out for ice cream at all so I thought it would be a nice treat to take him to a "real" ice cream parlor, Baskin Robbins. We got done at the park, drove to town and discovered a handwritten note on the door saying "Closed Due to Expected Bad Weather." In other words, the manager wanted to go fishing. Something that happens a lot here, but without the charm and sense of national tradition tradition places like Italy have.

Jeremiah opted to go straight to Books a Million where we played until Nana and Hannah showed up to meet us, then the 3 of us (Jeremiah, Hannah and I) headed off to Knoxville to a lovely Baskin Robbins which was open, where we got ice cream and ate it outside on the patio in the sun.

It was a beautiful, simple day and I was so happy to get to spend most of it with just my son. He was so thrilled to spend it with me too, saying we didn't get to do things together much since Hannah was born but then he was excited to have his baby sister back and share his trip for ice cream with her.

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  1. Looks like an wonderful day for mom and son! He looks like so so much fun! Bet he wears you out! LOL So much fun and an icecream trip too. What a day!