Friday, February 26, 2010

Psychedelic Super Nova

Months and months ago I bought these awesome, large peacock blue jump rings and then began the search for the "perfect" batt to spin them into. I finally found it from ArtemisArtemis in the form on her 30z "Super Glitz India" batt which was mix of handdyed angelina, glitz, sari thread, firestar, silk, bamboo and merino. SO soft, incredibly so! Usually with that much glitz yarns can get rough but not this one!

I spun it fairly evenly, about worsted weight and decided instead of spinning the rings into it I would spin some solid white merino I had with the rings and then ply them together.

What I ended up with was 100 yards (around 5oz) exactly of the hugest, softest super-bulky weight yarn ever! I took these pics before I soaked it to set the twist and I can't imagine how much more it will "bloom" once it's set. My kids had a lot of fun running around with it on their next like a gigantic boa; Hannah didn't want to give it back. The skein you see around their necks is a 2 yard circle. I ended up with 26yards of the super-glitz single, which I will keep cause it would make a nice trim on whatever I end up knitting with this huge skein.
I am thinking perhaps I should buy another batt from ArtemisArtemis and do this same thing again, only with solid black merino I have hanging around. Sort of like an evil twin yarn? Could knit a one skein sweater on HUGE needles, starting at the top with one and switching to the other for the bottom?

For comparison I took a pic of it with a skein of a handspun sockyarn single I did that's about 215yds.

The whole time I was spindling (I use a drop spindle, you can see my "plying spindle is a CD spindle!) I was thinking that this yarn reminded me of a man I know, or at least one of his kids so I was thinking of naming the yarn "McCarley Kid" but Tony says it looks like psychedelic fruit stripe gum instead. : ) I wish all the sparkles showed up in the picture, something so asthetically pleasing shouldn't be lost in the picture but it is. : (
All in all though, I'm super happy with my super bulky yarn!

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  1. Wow! Its beautiful! I love love love it! Great job! I love to see the pictures of the beautiful kids too!!! Hugs Marion