Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday...late

Well not really, I did all this stuff on Tuesday and took pictures but then I didn't get a chance to put them into the computer until yesterday but yesterday was knit a sock day (tell ya later) instead of blog day.

So, for my Tackle it Tuesday I did house cleaning but I started at the back and worked forward. Whenever I clean I always start with my living room as it's the first room people see when they walk in the front door, get it nice and sparkling and looking like I have my act together, move on to the kitchen and maybe it get done and then between kids and cooking I run out of steam and time and never get any farther. If you walk into the bedrooms and bathrooms you'd think, Dear God, this cannot be part of the same house as the living room!

On Tuesday I started with washing massive amounts of laundry and while it was cooking I...
Made our bed and gathered all the clean laundry around the house and dumped it in the middle, making a massive mountain of fresh laundry to fold at some point. I cleaned the floor in Jeremiah's room (where our bed still is) and resorted all his toy bins. I'm not anal, really... I'm just very into organization.

Then I moved on to the kitchen floor, picking up strange odds and ends deposited there by little hands and then I swept and mopped it. I figured while I had the mop out I might as well clean Hannah's room, sort her toys, remake the kids beds and sweep and mop in there. Now her room is "shiny and clean" like my kids say (from Thomas the Tank Engine) and they have room to sleep and play.
Then since I still had the mop... I swept and mopped Jeremiah's floor, cleaned the bathroom (sink, toilet, floor) mopping in there too. I folded and put up 4 loads of laundry and then spent a half hour painted the yellow stripe on the road on Jeremiah's wall in the mural. I hadn't done that and I thought it was finally time, though I didn't do as good of a job as I intended because Hannah kept shoving my arm and telling me it was pretty! LOL!

There's my Tackle it Tuesday. I got a LOT done, the back/side part of my house looked awesome and I was really proud of myself though at the same time I was bummed at what I didn't get done. Vicious cycle, hahaha!

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  1. you have the coolest kid room ever I swear! So neat...wish I was half as talented