Monday, February 15, 2010

Everything Frosted

We got snow again last night, during the night. We awoke to over an inch, almost 2", of fluffy white blanket all over everything as far as the eye could see. By mid morning though, the nasty sun in all its ferocity had come and begun to melt it away. I used to go on 1.5miles walks everyday and sometimes I would take my camera with me. I'd snap a picture of a cloud here, tree bark there, a bird on a telephone wire, an old TV out to someone's curb, etc. Close ups of things I thought were interesting. It's been a while since I've done that; when Jeremiah was about 10 months old I dropped my beloved 35mm camera and haven't gotten it fixed yet so now I use a fairly expensice digital one that I can't make focus on what I want. Bah! But, much to my husband's amusement I layered on sweatshirts and hat and went wandering around in the snow to take pictures. I hope you enjoy what I found. : )


  1. Nice pics! If your digital camera has a macro setting turn that on when you're taking close up pictures. It will focus on the object and in the foreground and the background will get blurrier. My camera will let you half click the shutter so it will focus on the part of the object that you want to be sharpest and then hold it in focus while you take the picture. I'm not a picture guru at all but I'm like you, I like taking close up pictures of interesting looking things!

  2. Wow I love the one of the rocks and snow. I am thankful we dont get snow. It is cold enough as it is! Hope you are staying warm.

  3. they are all beautiful. we had snow friday night and by saturday afternoon it was all gone (georgia).... so nice while it lasted