Thursday, February 25, 2010


The problem:
The ugliest "sheer" "bathroom" curtains ever, complete with embriodered oak leaves. What?!

The Budget:

The Skills:
Using a measuring tape and rotary cutter, sewing a straight seam on a sewing machine and ironing.

The Time:
1 hour, start to finish!

The Solution:
(Could NOT get a pic where the bathroom looked white like it's supposed to, so making do (sort of) with the close up. Sorry!


  1. Great job! Why do they put leaves on so many things? Love the bright stripes.

  2. cute cute. they match the shower curtain really well. I love leafs but those curtains were so Granny!

  3. Ok I am old. I would love to have them curtians in my kitchen. LOL (the ugly sheer leafs ones) But I have to say you did a wonderful job on the curtians you made and I love the colors!!! Marion