Friday, December 11, 2009

WoolyHands' Holiday Spin Along

I follow a person on twitter, who just happens to have an etsy shop called WoolyHands and she just happened to be doing a thing earlier this month called a Spin Along. You bought it and what you got in the mail was an approx. 2oz batt of some kind of wonderful fiber, some fun add-ins and some chocolates.

My chocolates were immediately decimated by my family. My husband picked up the batt and said, "OOOOooh this is SO soft!!" I got one called "Aspen Lodge" (which you can purchase for yourself here) which was a wonderful blend of icelandic wool, coopworth locks, corriedale, wool mill ends, mohair, angelina and firestar sparkles. My "add-ins" were some sparkly sheer ribbons in brown and white and brown/turquoise and 2 cardinals on wires. I got some woodsy colored jump rings from UnkamenSupplies (great people to work with, awesome products!!!) to spun in the yarn also and I cut all my ribbons in half length-wise to make them thinner to spin in.

This batt was a JOY to spin. It drafted easily enough that a beginner would have no problem, but was textured, colored and the fibers were different enough to keep an expirienced spinner from being bored. I was actually sad when I got to the end of it!

I got 84 yards of yarn from the 2 ounces, spun thick and thin with the ribbons and jump rings thrown in here and there to make it artsy. I am going to spin about 30 yards of some moorit/camel-colored merino I have to go with it and make my great aunt some mittens. She loves these colors and LOVES cardinels, which I think I will attach at the cuff/wrist somehow.

I had so much fun doing this Spin-Along; I will definitely be up to doing another!!

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