Sunday, December 13, 2009

And the hits keep comin...

Right now I'm fondly remembering the days of having maintenance men on call at our appartment complex. Our tub had been drainging rather slowly as of late, something my dear husband blames on my ever-lengthening hair that falls out fairly easily. I picked him up a bottle of some Drain-O type stuff he likes to use Friday and Satruday morning he tried using it on the tub (we've done this before with no problem.)

It never drained.

He took a quick shower anyway before work yesterday morning and by bedtime last night it still hadn't drained. So today he went out and bought an auger/snake plumber thingie and tried that.

No dice.

Thankfully we have another free standing shower downstairs, stuck almost as an afterthought next to our washer and dryer. I used that to shower Jeremiah and couldn't figure out why he cried the whole time until I showered in it and it was like being beaten to death by a geyser. I told Tony our next move is to get a low-flow shower head for it because honestly I think it dumped 400 gallons of water on me in my 2 minute shower. In which I didn't get to shave anything because THAT shower wasn't draining quickly either and it only has a 2.5" lip around it to hold water and it was almost full when I stepped out into the freezing basement.

To find Tony had set up this blow up firehouse my MIL got Jeremiah. It has a continual air pump that keeps it afloat, kind of like those bouncy house things. Tony and both kids were playing in it. I kept trying to get a pic of Tony but Jeremiah, the terd he is sometimes, kept sticking his head in the way! Hannah had great fun running around in it until she ran out and into the shower, still wearing her tights, and got her feet wet.

She got "bath" in the kitchen sink because I wasn't sure I could keep her standing upright in the scary shower downstairs.

Before we came up from the basement I scraped some more paint off the antique hutch that was left in the house. Still haven't managed to get it refinished and up in my entry way, but eventually!!

Not sure what we're going to do about the tub. I guess we'll have to call a plumber or redo the bathroom. Neither which we can afford right now, but we can't go without a tub either. MIL does live 5 minutes away and she has maintenance men!

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