Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Shrug for Hannah

I really have not fallen off the face of the earth, it only just seems like it.
Originally we were supposed to close on the house on Tuesday the 21st but paperwork didn't come thru and we were told we'd close on Friday the 24th. Tony and I came down with the flu, along with half of my family so on Monday we just about killed ourselves moving boxes into a storage unit so we could be out of our apartment by Tuesday night. Tony had to work Monday so it was up to me, Mom, Dad and Artemas basically with the kids thrown in there for good measure. Tuesday Tony took half a day's vacation and he and Artemas moved the rest because I was too far flu-gone. We went to stay in my MIL's little 1 bedroom appartment, thinking it would be until this weekend or the middle of next weekend max. Noo.. noo no. FRIDAY, after we'd already left the house to do the final walkthru we found out we weren't closing because our mortgage broker got the date messed up. Okay, we all make mistakes, no biggie. Tony had taken the day off to move (or at least paint and start tearing down walls) so we drove around and priced things like dishwashers instead.

Made a side trip to a local hobby shop with a wooden Thomas the Tank Engine trainset/table where Jeremiah LOVES to go play and had been asking every day for several weeks. 5 minutes after arriving he wet his pants in the form of a HUGE puddle on the floor; ironically while Tony was in the bathroom. Tony, who did not hear me say there was a puddle, shooed us out of the building. We were then stuck in the middle of knoxville with a kid covered in pee and no change of clothes. So into Target (the nearest store) with Jeremiah riding in a card on a plastic bag to gather new shirt, shorts, underpants and shoes and then into the bathroom where I had to strip him down and wash him from the waist down with wet and soapy paper towels, rinse with wet towels and then dry enough to stick the new clothes on him. Then lift him up and wash his feet and hands in the sink so he could put the new shoes on. What an adventure. Combined with the stress of not knowing for sure until 4:30 that we weren't closing, it was a heck of a day. We were glad to finally get back to Cheryl's and lay on the couch in the A/C in front of the TV.

I find a have a lot of time on my hands the last couple days, which has been nice in a way. I've gotten to lay around and try to get over the flu. With all but a couple duffle bags of clothes packed in storage I've had more time to read and knit. In the last week I've read The Missing Ink, which is a tattoo-shop based murder mystery. Pretty good, nice easy read. I also read Don't Look Down which was by the same people who wrote Agnes and the Hitman. Agnes was FUNNY and Don't look Down was not, still good, but with a lot more sex. So not a kid book but good enough for a beach read.

I also took some merino that I dyed and handspun a couple months ago and I've knit Hannah a shrug for this winter. It's size 18-24 months. I used a lavender acrylic to do the ribbing around the opening since I figure it will get the most wear. I have enough left of the handspun to make her a matching hat and I think I can do the cuff on mittens and use the purple acrylic for the hand part of the mittens. She LOVES it! She kept trying to put it on while I was still knitting it and pulled it off the needles a couple times. Don't know what I'll knit next but since we're set to close in 2 days I probably won't have time anyway. : )

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