Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One more UFO top done!

Finally, I finished the top for a surprisingly simple UFO on Monday. I started this little wallhanging I think 2 years ago for a Weird and Ugly fabric challenge from N2Quilting. I really hate this quilt. I don't now why, maybe because I don't think my contrasts between the people and the "sand" is right. Maybe cause I just don't like it. *shrugs* That is probably why it took me so long to finish zigzag stitching down the applique. I am going to try to pin it out tonight and take it with me to Mom's tomorrow to throw a quick stipple on it here and there. I want to try to outline quilt the pieces so the scene is visible from the back of the quilt too but I think it needs some funky stars or something in the sky.

Also tomorrow I will be able to take pics of the other 2 quilts I finished this week, the last of which is in the washer as I type.

Mom and the kids came over yesterday for my Tackle It Tuesday which was packing. We got quite a bit accomplished. Veronica took down all the remaining pictures, wrapped them in newspaper and boxed them. Diantha took down all the posters in Jeremiah's room and rolled them, securing them with rubber bands. Both girls took down the remaining quilts from the walls (we had at least 1, if not 2 or 3 quilts on the walls in every room), washed and boxed them up. Mom helped me drag everything out of my lower cupboards and sort and pack them. We got most of my dishes boxed up, all the coffee mugs and everything else in/on top of the china hutch.

I have 3 more boxes and my dresser to go through this evening in preperation for the world's biggest yard sale on Friday and Saturday. Tony is working late so I should be able to tackle them and make a pan of brownies if I can keep my nose out of a book long enough. Halfway through one I really like; such a temptation!

Our fish have been dropping like flies. Apparently they've come down with "Ick" which is apparently bad. We lost 5 in the last 3 days. Panicking upon the realization of the problem (thanks Mom!) I ran to walmart last night for some more newspaper for wrapping dishes and Ick drops. Took Artemas, Beverly and Hannah with me with the plan that even though it was only a 4 mile drive both little, extremely tired girls would fall asleep and I could leave Artemas in the car with them. NO! So I grabbed B out of the car and carried her in the store, Artemas grabbed Hannah and we put them in a cart. Wandered around, got the fish stuff, M&Ms, newspaper, got in the back of a very long line and Artemas says, "There's poop on your shirt." Yes, Betsy had pooped on me and I wore it all over walmart. He says, "Probably you can hide it with the newspaper til we get home."! So over to teh clothing department for a cheapy (yet stylish) tank top, I run to the bathroom to change and we proceed through the line and home as planned. Mom thinks it's really funny. Tony thought it was really funny too. Jerks.

Had to take a pic of the house for the insurance company yesterday, figured I'd share. AND I think that catches me up, LoL!

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  1. we got stuff done yesterday??
    I don't know why you hate that quilt, it's cute.
    I can't wait til I can read those books!!
    and it WAS funny Des, LOL!!