Thursday, July 16, 2009

Moving Sucks

It's now Thursday and we're still not 100% sure we're actually closing on the house on Tuesday. I blurred the lines of comunication and scheduled an appointment to write our homeowner's insurance policy tomorrow, saying that Tuesday is the date we'll write for closing. All true, but not definite. I couldn't help it, I was being shaken down by my insurance agent. This waiting crap is starting to get on everyone's nerves. It's like, come on already! Let's sign papers, let's handover money, let's be done with this packing NONESENSE!

We have to be out on Tuesday too so we were planning on moving this weekend while Tony's off 'cause t made more sense than to move on a work day. I inlisted my family's help yesterday in packing almost everything, including any food that wasn't cold and wasn't being used in the next 2 days. Still have my bedroom and bathroom to do. I rearranged the livingroom this morning so I could clean toys out from under furniture. My brother Artemas spent the night so I made im help; he's also gonna make sloppy joes's for dinner and help with laundry. He just doesn't realize it yet! Snapped a couple pics last night of the mess we were making of the house and of Mom making brownies though she looks a little ticked off at the brownie batter. Yes, that must be it.
I just finished pieceing together a healing quilt top for a member of N2Quilting. Def. applying the gallopping horse principle to this one as some of the blocks were smaller than others. It's pretty cute I think!! Now I can pack up sewing stuff and not have to worry about the block layout getting messed up. I have the backing too so sometime in the next week or so, hopefully, I can get batting and get this quilted and on its way to its new owner!!

I meant to pack sewing stuff a couple days ago but just couldn't! I needed some sewing R&R the other night and threw together this awesome pizza themed small tote bag and this really feminine pink batik bag. Both are listed in my Etsy shop which BTW is having a FREE SHIPPING sale until 7/31!! And all recycled jeans purses have been marked down, top!

Also I just realized I never posted pics of my completed mini quilts! The first, Tulips, was for the mini quilt swap on N2Quilting. The second, Sunflower, was a gift for a friend. They would have looked SO cute hanging together though, don't you think??


  1. Des the healing quilt top turned out very lovely and I love your two minis very pretty.

  2. Mom wasn't ticked off at the brownie batter... she just LOATHES having her picture taken (because she knows that from the back she is still really something but from the front she is homely as a mud fence, LOL)

    Besides, brownies are dark chocolate, and I hardly ever get ticked off at chocolate. YUM