Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Courage, Monster and Holly?

LoL! Shall I explain my title?
First, I have a new listing in my etsy shop today. A pleated fabric purse with a quilted-inner pannel for stability, made from a large scale green and pink floral fabric with a pink Breast Cancer Awareness batik cuff at the top! I called this one "Courage."

Secondly, yesterday I decided to experiment with Hannah's getting longer hair and put it up in two little bitty pony tails. However, since her hair is still rather short instead of being on the side of her head they were near the top. TOTALLY cute! Tony said it looked like horns to hold up her halo, LoL! She's such a little monster; this look definitely fits her and I will be putting her hair up like this more often since it didn't seem to bother her.

I didn't do a tackle it Tuesday this week. Actually, I did, but my tackle was more like "Clean house enough so we can continue to live" and "try not to have a nervous breakdown." I'm happy to report that both were mildly successful!

This afternoon when Tony got home (he's on day shift all this week which is royally screwing up the children's sleeping/napping patterns) I left the kids in Hannah's room with him to "help" him clean out her closet which we've used as storage, looking for things to pack and to put in our ever growing yard sale pile. While they did that I threw together some quilt blocks Mom found in her stash that she said she'd never do anything with. I had a perfect fabric for a border for it and JUST enough, I mean I seriously had a 1" strip of fabric left! Tomorrow night calls for a trip to Knoxville to have dinner with the grandparents and maybe I can talk Tony into a quick pop into JoAnn's for some backing material. As soon as that's obtained this little beauty will find its way into my etsy shop also. I thought of calling it "Holly" because it looks Christmassy, though it doesn't actually have any "Christmas"/holiday fabrics in it. Tony says it looks like it should be "Peppermint Swirl." Probably I will humor him. : )


  1. Hannah looks adorable with those "itty bitty pony tails". Quilt looks great, can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Hannah looks adorable! Like peppermint swirl too!