Saturday, July 11, 2009

2 More Stash Quilts

It has been a majorly busy weekend that I think began on Tuesday. Sigh. Yesterday and today my Mom and I had a big yard sale where we sat in the 95+ degree weaher, partly in the sun, for 10 hours each day to make what my dad does in an 8hr day indoors, in air conditioning. Sigh. I am sunburned and crispy, crinkly and sore.

We're FINALLY home and I just took the first half of Jeremiah's cake out of the oven. Yes, it is 11:30PM and I'm having to bake the cake one layer at a time because I packed my big sheet pan. Ugh. Jeremiah's birthday party is tomorrow at noon and with church before hand, I have to get everything ready tonight. Tony is out getting chips and batteries, LoL! While the first layer cools enough for me to get it out of the pan and put the second batch of batter in, I figured I'd share the last 2 quilts I finished.

Both are "stash" quilts for a sort of ongoining, year long challenge on N2Quilting--Lucy's "Liberate Your Stash" Challenge. The rules are you can only buy 1.5yds of fabric for the FRONT of the quilt (you can buy backing). Everything else on the front of the quilt needs to come from your stash. I got really lucky with these, I only bough 1/2 yard of the bright pink batik I used for the borders of the one and then I didn't even use all of it! Yay! All the rest of the fabrics and blocks were already in my stash except for the backing of the second one, which was came from Mom's stash so probably, technically she could claim it too.

This one is made from blocks I got back from a "Happy" Batik Block swap last year. I made 35 more of these a while back which gave me enough for a king sized quilt, but I pilfered 16 to make this top. I'll just have to make that many again later to add to the stash for my quilt. I intended both of these quilts to make it into my etsy shop and be for sale but I have a friend who has 3 kids, 2 of which don't have quilts from me! Gasp! I know! This pretty, cheery batiky quilt is going to her newest, Savannah who is 2 months old. Her older sister (who is Hannah's age, 15 mo) Micah has one I made that's all batiks too so I thought it was only fitting. The back is a batiked flannel, I have no idea where we found it but Mom and I have both used this fabric several times. Sadly, this was the last of it. : (

This quilt is made from "Scrap Box Blocks." I throw all my scraps bigger than 2" square into an enormous(ly stuffed) rubbermaid tote and sometimes when I have some spare time (haha) I sit down and randomly piece them together to form rough square shapes. When I get them big enough to trim a 8.5" square out of them I do and tada, a Scrap Box Block. The orange and frog fabric borders were also in my stash, along with the binding fabrics. I didn't have a big enough chunk of any particular fabric that would work so I pieced it. : D This quilt is going to Savannah and Micah's older brother Riley, who is Jeremiah's age. His 4th birthday was in May and we missed it so he's getting it as a belated birthday present. I really hope he likes it! my friend says that he steals Micah's all the time so maybe, just maybe he will let his baby sister have her quilt in peace!!

This is Hannah eating leftover chocolate donought frosting out of the box when she thought no one was looking.

Then there is Beverly (my babiest sister) who is hiding from me, with her eyes shut.

And then my soon to be birthday boy (tomorrow!!) Jeremiah using the Force and being a Jedi.


  1. Love the Quilts!

    HATE having yard sales!!

    LOVE the fact that ALL THREE little kids have chocolate frosting on their faces!

  2. Wonderful work, Des!! I love the quilts and wish I could get mine quilted half as fast as you, lol. Kay