Sunday, January 3, 2010

Progress, progress, progress

Well we've made some progress on our bedroom and upstairs this week.

Tony got the rest of the drywall up on the new wall and got it taped and mudded, then I sanded and painted it. Together (me cleaning and him hauling buckets of water) we cleaned the mess upstairs. Drywall dust gets EVERYWHERE!

Everything upstairs and downstairs is going to have to be wiped off/down with a soapy cloth. I did my stash bins, the walls, floors, railings and end table upstairs--still have to do my bookshelves and all the books--yesterday before I painted.

Today I did that to the kitchen. Every surface had to be wiped and cleaned and mopped. I am tired!

We are trying to keep the bedroom door shut to keep the rest of the mess contained the best we can. Tony finished knocking out the old wall and doorframe and is working on hauling away the debris. He needs to patch the floor and ceiling where the old wall was, put drywall on the inside of the new wall and then we can sand it, clean and paint.

The end is in sight...I keep saying that, right?

Until we get our taxes back and knock out the long wall on the back of house, change the pitch of the rood and extend our room the 8 feet back into the eaves. When all is said and done we will have a huge master bedroom that will greatly increase the value of our home. We are hiring someone to help us knock that wall out next spring. LoL!

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  1. Wow you guys are really moving along with things. I can't wait till we can do stuff to ours. Been here 2 years and have gotten very little done.