Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh, Snow!

We actually got snow here in Clinton. Like, Snow, snow. Not a sprinkling. Not a dusting. Not the normal 18 flurries furiously floating through the air. We got 6-8" inches of fluffy white stuff piled EVERYWHERE!

With it we got slick road, slick driveways, frozen trunks and car doors, etc but it is SO cool! I grew up in West/central FL and then moved here, so I've never really experienced "snow" before. Yesterday we bundled the kids up in the proverbial Randy's Big Fat Snow Suit (see a Christmas Story) and took them out for a romp. A romp which lasted about 10 minutes until they complained that their hands hurt and wanted back inside the heated house. : ) I didn't blame them. Mine were cold too!

I don't understand people with the patience to make real, decent sized snowmen. I tried and managed a large snowball before my hands were too cold and I gave up. I did get to make my first ever snow angel! Maybe professional snowmen makers wear waterproof or thick gloves? That might help. All I had on was some pirate-striped fingerless gloves from Hot Topic. Not really winter wear but I can't press the camera button in my chunky warm handspun Bella mittens!

I was so thrilled that it snowed that much because everytime it's even flurried in the last few months Jeremiah has said, "If it snows enough, I'm going to make a snow angel." Well my little boy got to! He made several, all over the yard. Then walked through them.

My sister Veronica had spent the night and she very patiently made a small snowman. When she finished she proudly told us, we admired it and then Jeremiah promptly snatched its head off and threw it at her.

It was warmer today and the snow began to melt in a few places (like the roof on the south side of the house) but even still, it makes for some cool pictures!

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