Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Presents Revealed

It's taken me a couple weeks to get around to it but now I can finally show some pics of some projects I worked on for Christmas gifts!
The first I am really excited about. I bought 7 ounces of luscious fiber back in July, 2 batts that were a mix of blue bamboo and purple colonial/corrie wool and one that was a red, black, purple and gold mix of bamboo, merino & angelina. I also bought 50 grape colored small jump rings (from UnkamenSupplies on etsy). I only spun 48 in the yarn for some reason. I got 366 yards of thick and thin, average worsted weight yarn from the 7oz.

That was Mom's Christmas gift. I actually bought the jump rings and held onto them until I found just the right colors of fiber to spin them into for her. I hope she didn't think that was a dumb present and I hope she can knit herself something fabulous from it.

Second we have some Bella/Twilight style horseshoe cabled mittens for Diantha. I used the pattern I bought last spring from LilyKnitting on etsy, only I used smaller needles than her pattern called for and I added one extra repeat of the horeshoe pattern between the cuff and thumb to make them almost elbow length. I used brand "Country" yarn which is a machine washable blend of microfiber-acrylic and merino-wool. It is soo sooo sooooooo soft and loveable.

I had planned something else for Diantha and already had it in the works when she asked for some Bella mittens. I decided to make the original item for her birthday and make her the mittens for Christmas. I had the cuff/arm of the first done and had already begun increasing for the thumb when she mentioned that she really thinks horseshoe cables are stupid. ARGH! She got mittens with them anyway and she says she loves them.

The Christmas-turned-birthday project was given to Diantha at Christmas anyway, wrapped in birthday paper with a note that she's old enough to understand her birthday present came 3 months early. Because what we were giving her was this awesome black baby-cord suit-style jacket which I used batik fabrics to applique an old-school tattoo style motiff of sparrows and heart on the back.

Diantha also got my Tanya Denali/Twilight inspired fingerless gloves, given to her by Jeremiah and Hannah. She has that modeling convention to go to next week and she's sure to be in great style now!

Jeremiah got some Christmas surprise mittens just like the ones I made for Rush. I knit them while he was alseep since he was sad when he saw me knitting them since they were supposed to be a surprise! Apparently I hadn't gotten that particular memo. I stuck them down in his stocking with some store bought Iron man socks and he was thrilled!
Then last but certainly not least we have Riley's kiddie cadet hat. This pattern is so quick, it only takes a couple hours of uninterupted knitting (which means it took me at least 1 day to knit). The same pattern as the one I knit Rush, only in solid navy instead of a varigated yarn.

I think that's everything. I already shared pics of Rush's hat, Dad's socks.
OH! I did knit a pair of slipper socks for Tony's Nana Juanita this week, to give to her in 2 weeks when we go to SC to do Christmas with them. I am also working on a "Sparkling like Diamonds" hat. The slippers are knit from that "Country" yarn I love and the hat is from the same brand's "Spa" yarn which is microfiber-acrylic and bamboo blend--very sparkly and nicely machine washable.


  1. How in the world did you get the jumprings spun into the yarn!?! Very neat addition.

    You were a very busy girl for Christmas! Everything turned out great!

  2. I love the yarn and think I'm going to knit a lacy shawl to wear for Easter!