Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hodge Podge

We had a busy weekend! We drove to South Caroline to do "Christmas" with Tony's Mom's side of the family. It was great to all get together again, it had been about a year and a half since we had. It's fun to see how everyone is changing, how everyone is the same and meet the new people (like our cousin's girlfriend and her daughter, both as nice as can be.)

We had a nice drive down there and back, figuring out it's really only about a 3 hour drive if you don't get lost....which we do. Neither Tony nor I are the type of people that get lost. We're good with directions, have a good sense of directions and generally find our way around without help. So to drive around in SC where everything is screwy just makes us MAD! LOL! We had to turn around over and over, added about an hour and a half to the trip down and back just for that. Argh. At least we get a good story out of it? Nah... but at least the scenery is pretty! I love North Carolina but they don't paint their roads with reflective paint and going over a mountain in the dark and rain is a little hairy without it, haha.

Nana loved her slippers and hat I'd knitted her. Jeremiah gave her the present as soon as he walked in the door, LoL! He couldn't wait! We all had a nice visit and Tony's aunt Charlene is already plotting the renting of a lake house somewhere in Georgia over the summer for a week of family water fun.

Yesterday we celebrated Artemas' 18th birthday at Mom and Dad's house, even though his birthday isn't until tomorrow. I went a little nuts in the exotic spice aisle and we gave our budding chef a world tour of spices and little glass jars to put them in. I hope he gets good use out of them and doesn't kill the family with the curry powder. ;-)

Mom's birthday is Saturday but I was impatient and we gave her her present early also. Just yesterday morning I finished the Eleanora socks I was working on (for about a month now). I took the 2nd one with me on the road and managed to do from the middle of the heel to about 6 rows from the kitchener stitch while sitting around Tony's Uncle's house chatting. I am sure they think I'm a boring house guest, though I left with 2 requests for a deadfish hat and a watchman style cap LoL!

Mom also got "Les Chaussettes Folles" or the Crazy socks I made; named so because a woman I work with told me she thought it was crazy to knit socks while I was making them. The toes and heels are the same Bamboo and Ewe Sensations sockyarn I used for the Eleanora socks but the main body parts are from Mini Mochi yarn, which is wonderful! I love it.
Today my best friend is coming over and I'm going to help her make a Tennessee Titans pillow case to send to her hubby at war. I'm going to teach her to quilt too so we're going to start going over the basics of that, verbally. The sewing will come later. : )

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