Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm back!

Finally, after MONTHS (ok, not months but a long time) of being without the internet we got it hooked up today! Yay! I can BLOG again! I can check my e-mail again! Woo hoo!

So I went around today and took pics of everything crafty and house-y that we've been doing. I have TONS of pics to share so bear with me, it's been a while.

First, I've been on a bit of a knitting frenzy. I knit a LOT while we were staying at my MIL's apartment and the obsession has kind of continued. I have several friends who are having, or just had, babies and one in particular is my very oldest and dearest friend Beth. Beth was the maid of honor at my wedding, her Mom is my Mom's best friend. She married 3 years ago and in the beginning of Oct she and her hubby are expecting their first baby, a little girl. A new yarn shop opened up in town where I live (I cannot TELL you how excited I am about that!) and on my first obligitory trip there to scope it out I picked up a skein of Baby Bunnies cotton/angora yarn. It is so soft and lucious, I got a brown skein and a pink skein and knit a little newborn size hat and booties set.

Then when I saw I had yarn leftover I thought, SWEATER! Never having knit a sweater I was pretty excited. I got a really basic pattern which I mostly ignored and cast on. I thought I was getting 4 stitches to the inch, turns out I was getting 5. You wouldn't think that would be a big deal but it messed my guage WAY up! I knit the 12mo size pattern, figuring it would come out small anyway. The resulting sweater is beyond premie. More like American Girls Dolls size. Sigh. Oh well, get to try again!

And so I decided to try to master the pattern and while up all night Sun night with Hannah I knit one from some purple and white with little flecks of color yarns I had in my stash. The result was 0-3 mo size I think, even though before I knit the sleevs I crammed 18-24mo size Hannah into it, LOL! She LOVES knitted sweaters and put up a fight about taking it off. Don't know where this one will end up since I don't really know any 0-3mo size babies right now but I'm sure I'll figure something out.

I spun some yarn for my sister Diantha's etsy shop. It's superwash BFL and was a handdyed dark red with lighter red and almost white places here and there. It spun BEAUTIFULLY and since it was super wash I went really thin and ended up wtih 354yds of sock weight yarn. She's calling it Vampire Bites and I am kind of covetting it. I can see myself designing, knitting and wearing socks from this with black toes (and maybe heels) with a gothic lace pattern knit into the top of the foot. Sigh.

I finally managed to finish a healing quilt I was working on for one of the member of N2Quilting. I will mail it to its recipient on Friday. Other list members donated the blocks and backing and a little bit toward the batting and I put it together. I really like the way it turned out, I hope the person it's intended for will too!

Still on the sweater kick I took the 154 yards of corrie/merino 2ply I made myself and using the same simple pattern I used for the baby sweaters. It's not as long as I wanted, but I only have 2 LITTLE bitty 8yard skeins left for the sleeves. I will have to get or spin some solid black and add on to the sleeves and around the bottom and neckline. The good news was that I was planning on making it short sleeved with just rolled edges instead of knitting ribbing so I think making it out of the black with work out just fine.

We visited a local hippy shop a couple weeks ago to get a beaded curtain for one of the doors in Jeremiah's room. I asked about some of their more hippy, batik purses they had and mentioned that I make some. They told me to bring in some and let them look because they love local stuff. So I've made 3 new bags and I'll take a couple of my older ones in on Thurs. It's taken me a while to get around to it, longer than I planned, but suddenly I'm a chicken. I think I have a fear of failure. Anyway, here they are. 2 really bright and one done in earthy tones with appliqued mushrooms.

This weekend I'm also going to get the LAST gallon of paint I need, at least until our bedroom is finished, and put the second coat around our entry way and upstairs around my bookshelves area. This week I straightened up up there, putting away things in the shelves and getting rid of all but 2 boxes. The one box actually has Tony clothes in it that can't go in our room cause it's a demo zone. See how nice it is?! It will look SO much better when I'm done painting and can hang things on the wall. Also I have a tall lamp to put up there, that table isn't staying and I don't think the chair is either LoL! And the curtains definitely are not. But you get a general idea of what's going to happen there and it at least doesn't look like a mess now.

And this is the progress Tony made on our room this week. He was really excited about tearing stuff out, then got put back on 12 hr shifts and that's as far as he's gotten. But at least it's progress! Can't wait to get everything done!

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