Monday, August 10, 2009

Hannah's Winter Knitted Set!

I was pretty bored at my MIL's after the first week with all my crafty things in storage so when I got done making Hannah's little knit shrug from the handspun I'd done, I took what was left and I knitted her a little hat.

AND then I was still bored so I knitted little mittens. She LOVES her mittens! Actually, she loves all this stuff and tried to wear them, mismatched with tank tops and shorts, at random even though it has been being 95 degrees outside. I've only ever knitted one other pair of mittens before, my Bella cabled mittens from the Twilight movie (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE and can't wait for cold weather to wear them!!) so I was pretty excited that I was able to do such a little thumb.

After I was done with the mittens, I was still kind of bored and wanted to knit her some matching slipper socks. I had since run out of the handspun, and, since I was using a solid lavender acrylic yarn, I wanted to come up with some kind of pattern to make the slippers more interesting. Using just knit and pearl stitches I designed these, which look like Mary Jane slippers with bobbie-socks underneath! I took pictures and I'm going to try to write up the pattern and let Mom or Diantha list it in their etsy shops 'cause they're just so cute!

Hannah loves these too, and wore them all night Saturday night and then awoke Sunday to find that they are kind of slippery on our wooden floors! I will have to put some non-skid paint on the bottoms of them. All in all a pretty cute set I think!

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  1. See what you can get done when you're bored!! The set looks really great and will be nice and cozy when the temps dip. Looks like Hannah doesn't care if it's cool or not, lol.