Monday, August 10, 2009

Jeremiah's Flaming 'Edward Scissorhands/Frankenstein' Curtains from Hell

There has been too much going on in the last week and since I don't have internet access at my house anymore (gasp!) or cable for that matter (the Horrors! the Dark Ages!) I'm just going to comment on things one or two at a time instead of all at once.

First off we shall talk about Jeremiah's 'Edward Scissorhands/Frankenstein' Curtains from Hell. I priced curtains for Jeremiah's car-themed bedroom and they were going to run me about $80 for very simple black or navy curtains. I couldn't swing $80 so instead we decided I'd just make them. Off to JoAnn's for some black fabric that he said looked like tires and coincidentally I had used in the quilt for his bed 2 yrs ago. He wanted flames around the edges. Okay. It cost me $40 for fabric. Half the money saved!

We didn't actually measure the windows. Tony kinda held Jeremiah up to them and we guessed based on his height. Not a fool-proof plan for sure, but it looked like it would work. I thought I'd need 2, 2-yd x 44" wide panels per window. I held a 2yd piece up and it seemed to be a half yard too long. Easily remedied by hacking a half yard off and then cutting all the rest of the panels 1.5 yds. I cut strips of the flame fabric and began to sew.

I ran out of flame fabric.

I also didn't have my ironing board so I was having to sew down seams to make them lay flat so I could do things like hem. I get the first panel almost done, held it up to the window and it was TOO SHORT. Aarrggh! So, sew a 5" wide strip to the top to turn back as the hanging sleeve and add a 7" wide panel across the middle somewhere and tada, it's long enough.

These curtains have seams everywhere (hence the Edward Scissorhands...which reminds me, remember when Edward was the man and we all had Edward tshirts but he wasn't a vampire? I digress...) They are not award winning by far but Jeremiah likes them and that makes me happy. Good 'nuff. I still have one more to make.

Everything else is getting a fresh coat of paint, including Jeremiah's dresser which used to have green stripes painted on the front to match his baby-animals nursery but now it getting painted the same dark blue as his trim. Since I took this picture I've painted the other door.

And Mom and I collaborated and painted this mural on one of his walls. He told us it needed 4 buildings. We added a train to surprise him!

Mom made one of the buildings, the house, look JUST like our house except for the hot pink front door. He said it needed a hot pink door. Oh, and that the car had to be PURPLE. Okay!

The little barn also looks just like Tony's little wooden outbuilding. The train depot says JWB Depot because thoses are Jeremiah's initials. So cool!


  1. "gasp!the Horrors! the Dark Ages" how r you able to live?!
    LOL! that is the Best way to measure things! hold your kid up to them!
    Edward Scissorhands the boom dude! (and so are Vampires!)
    he was right it DID need 4 buildings, Hot Pink front door, and a purple car! very creative with JWB depot!


  2. LOL, Looks like the kids are really happy with the new home. I'm glad it's feeling like home already. That's when you know you did the right thing!!

    The rooms are looking great and will be wonderful when you get some of your quilty things up on the wall, lol.

    Can't wait to see more!