Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A busy day

Today was very busy, though if you walked into my house and looked around you'd probably come to the conclusion that I sat on my butt and watched Warehouse 13 reruns all day on OnDemand. Well, maybe your conclusion wouldn't be so far reaching but... you'd be wrong either way, LoL!

This morning I took the kids outside and let them play with the new box of sidewalk chalk I picked up on clearance at Walmart over the weekend. (56 pieces of chalk for $3!) While they drew I read them the Polar Express and Gorgonzola outloud.

Then Tony put a first coat of white on the little wooden corner pieces that go to our crown molding while I touched up the wall paint along one long wall upstairs. Then I touched up the trim paint along the same wall while he used drywall mud to patch where he'd torn the wall up a little taking some old pipes off teh wall.

Then we hung the beaded curtain in Hannah's bedroom doorway, she is really thrilled with it. Then he left for work and I put the first coat on the posts of the railing upstairs. The previous owner had painted every other railing limey-mint green. While that dried I put all my fabric/yarn stash bins back along the long wall that I had touched up earlier and swept the floor in the reading area up there.

Then it was nap time for the kiddos, which took a while to get them to sleep. While they finished napping I cut off the red drapes for the living room, hemmed and re-hung them.

Mom, Dad, Artemas, Josiah and Betsy came over and Mom and Artemas made enchiladas while I put the SECOND coat of white on the railing posts. The green is still showing through. Sigh. It will take a 3rd coat. Just figures. Artemas put together a poll lamp I have that's going in my reading nook upstairs and I sanded Tony's mud job on the drywall and cleaned all that up.

Now it's ready for painting and I am going to do that in a minute. Then it's tidy the living room, do the dishes and HOPEFULLY work on Marion's knitting bag I'm going to make her (I got the strap done yesterday!) and/or work on potholders for the N2Quilting swap.

And I am SORRY there are no pictures to go along with all this mayhem, even though I did take them! I STILL cannot find the USB cord that goes from my digicam to my computer. *Growl/sigh*

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  1. awww you finished my bag!!! I am so so excited and have things floating through my head (ideas what it will look like) I know it will exceed my little dreams as your work always blows me away!!! You do Awsome work! I "misplaced" my usb to my camara too. Ended up my sister ordered me one online to save me the headache of searching (as my searching kinda went inot months) LOL funny a 6 dollar item can make a senceable woman like me Crazy! So I am happy now!!! Cant wait to see the pic!!!