Friday, September 11, 2009

Pictures, pictures and more pictures

Finally I was able to put some pics in Mom's computer (hers has a nifty thing where you stick your smartcard right in the side, mine doesn't) and she e-mailed them to me. So here are all the pictures the previous couple posts have been missing.

First we have Diantha's hair with the pink streaks put in it. Very cool, but for some reason her hair hasn't taken the color well and it's already faded a little--even with us having bleached the streaks first. Oh well, ya live and learn.

Then check out the crown molding we've been putting up around the living room. I LOVE it. It makes the room look so much better, especially with the cool little corner pieces Tony got. We still have to caulk around the top of the molding with some white caulk because the ceiling in our 69 year old house isn't exactly straight. Go figure.

Jeremiah and Hannah had a LOT of fun the other day playing with sidewalk chalk. Jeremiah drew lots of racetracks and Hannah tried to eat a green one.

I spent the greater part of any kind of riding in the car over the last week knitting this adorable little almost-white baby sweater. I had intended to send it to an old friend and his wife for their new baby. I thought the baby was due in about a month so I've been working on a newborn sized sweater. Even still I ran out of yarn and needed to go pick up another skein to do the sleeves and the intended ruffle around the bottom. Then I talked to this friend's Mom and found out the baby was born last month. Oops. I got some new, differnt yarn this afternoon to make something else because the yarn shop didn't have any more of that color yarn. Of course.

I started knitting a hat for my Goddaughter Lily with a skein of bucle yarn I had laying around. I thought it would be SO cute with ear flaps. Got the hat knit, ran out of yarn (see a pattern). So I either have to find another skein of the horrid bucle yarn somewhere (think Big Lots actually has it) or give it to her without the earflaps? Le Sigh.

I won a nice, fluffy batt, ironically from my sister/Mom for coming up with a gruesome name for one of Mom's recycled Hall of Horrors yarns series she's doing in her shop.

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