Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Semi-Solid Themed Bags

So I've branched out a little from my usual scrappy batik bags to bring you semi-solid bags. I got this idea while doing my Think Pink all pink batiks Breast Cancer Awareness bag--which sold quickly. Instead of using batik, however, I've used other regular cotton quilting scraps. This is what I came up with:

Split Personality Psycho Red, White and Black:
This bag can't make up it's mind. One side is all black and white fabrics, with a cute little girly skull and crossbones studded applique. The other is all red scraps, incluing a piece f red Shwe-shwe cloth, sent to me by another quilter from Africa. I lined in with a funky black print with red and white tossed dice. The strap is a black print with yellow oriental dragons with red flames. Very cool; I love this bag, it's done in my absolute favorite colors.

I'm So Blue, I'm Emo:
Done in all dark blues, this bag has one bit of light blue on each side and a light blue "Angel" word applique just to keep it from giving into the dark side entirely. Add in the blue lining, strap, button tab and blue button and you've got one entirely blue bag.

Fun and Bright Bag:
This bag isn't one solid color, but it's entirely out of fun and bright novelty prints. It's got tossed sheep, swimming frogs, smiley face flowers and a whole lot more. Lined with an incredible cow print, it closes with a larg (for litt;e fingers) white button. I kind of had a "going to grandma's" bag in mind so I made it larger than all my other bags. It's big enough for a child's change of clothes and jammies for a quick sleepover, or coloring/story books and favorite toys for a long ride in the car. As a mother of 2 I know how things can get, so it's completely machine washable!

I want to do a couple more semi solid bags, might try a purple and an orange, or green next. However personally I'm in a couple quilt block swaps and I really need to spend my time behind the sewing machine working on those! My hubby is off 3 days this coming week, and while we'll be gone one of those for our anniversary, hopefully I can get some sewing/quilting done while he's here!

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