Monday, August 16, 2010

Princess Lily Turns 3

Princess Lily turned 3 a week and a half ago, but aside from a couple Dollar Tree gifts her birthday this year went by without much ado because this week her Daddy comes back for a visit from his current tour in Afghanistan and they're planning a big birthday party for her to share with her sister and brother to make up for their missed birthdays this year.

Lily, my Goddaughter, is very opinionated about all things girly. For instance she asked for a big, poofy, fluffy, pretty princess dress. It needed to be pink. Pink is a girl color, or maybe purple she said. Not blue, blue is not girly enough. Sparkles are good.

So, Auntie Des headed off to the fabric store with a sample dress (from Lily's older sister Summer's 2yo old days) and a plan and returned having met with a great sale.

Princess Lily is getting a huge, poofy, fluffy, sparkly light pink satin dress for her birthday, just in time for Daddy to come home to see.

My own Princess Hannah will be getting a matching (though smaller) dress in light purple from us for Christmas. Hannah's dress has not been cut out yet but the materials were bought during the aforementioned great sale.

Lily's dress was made 2" too big around the middle so it will fit her longer, but with ties at the side to make it fit now. It snaps at the shoulders because I didn't want to snag the satin with my cheapy machine trying to zigzag stitch button holes. The buttons at the shoulders are for show but are pearlized and have small, girly flowers on them. The material for the bodice of the dress is pink satin with sparkles. The sheer fabric over the plain pink sating skirt also has sparkles and rhinestones. The skirt of the dress has a lining complete with 4 layer section of toule to make it fluffier. It is long, good for twirling. I know she will love it.


  1. This is absolutely precious! Great job, and thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow Des- that is truly an amazing dress. I so wish I knew how to do clothes!